20. they/them or he/him.
silliest queer boything ♡
Hi there! I'm June, the guy who always struggles to write about himself in these kinda things but always codes a section for talking about myself on my webpage anyway... hehe. I'm the guy who runs this place, the webmaster or webguy or whatever silly little name. I don't see my site as a place to "bring back the old web" or whatever, because that's not really my thing? I'm just here to have a place I can make my own in a way that suits me. This is a passion project if nothing else, and while I do have thoughts around the blandness of the corporate web... those are probably best saved for a journal should I ever write it, no? I love creating things, if thats graphic design or posters or websites, anything thats within my skillset I'll probably try my hand at. I'm an author (my ao3 is between me and god, I still have no confidence sharing my writing publically) when the shoe fits, and love crafting characters. God (june) gives the worst battles (angsty scenarios) to his strongest soilders (ocs). I aim to be a kind and caring person, though I come off as blunt at times, my bad! I'm pretty passionate about certain subjects and I love sea creatures a normal amount, especially jellyfish and sea slugs, they come in so many different shapes and sizes it's hard not to find them so interesting...
Name? June or Jelly
Gender? Non-binary pizza left boy
Age? 20 › _ ‹
Sexuality? Bisexual :3
Meaning behind site name? Layercake actually spawns from the persona song with the same name, I thought it was cute for a website name and that's how my beloved site was born...!
Talk about something you love? Cheesy to talk about graphic design on a site that's kind of the graphic design site to me but I love creating things, I love being a creative individual (in my own ways) and being able to weave together things that are irreplacable to me. I only wish that people came to value art in all it's forms more rather than rushing to replace human creations with machine made lifeless products.
About someone you love? I love my friends so much, they're the kindest, most caring and understanding people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I don't do public lovemail nor will name any names for fear of missing anyone I hold dear out but if you're my friend and reading this I love you so much, I hope you're having the best day, afternoon or night ever.
Someone or something you're rooting for/proud of? Proud of my friends and our growth. I hope we get to grow more as people together.
Rant about something? TBA eheh
Talk about your day? Today has been cool :3 I talked to people I care about, listened to music and eated food I love hehe.. big June win so far
What is something you believe in? I think I like to believe in life after death.. even if there's not much we know about what happens when you die, I like to foster the hope that people I've lost that I care for still linger around in some way.
How does one make you smile? Be yourself, age old advice but it's only lasted so long for it's always worked. Nothing can replace your own individuality, even if that's something you're still figuring out.
Favourite colour? Pink! Although this changes a lot, I think pink is a super fun colour to stylize
Favourite scent? Currently there's this super nice honeycomb candle I have and I love the gentle smell of that
Favourite movie? Everything Everywhere All at Once
Favourite anime? Love Live Sunshine!!
Favourite song? Colour your night from the Persona 3 Reload soundtrack, currently..
Favourite album? Ado's album - Kyogen
Favourite game? Persona 3 ♡ Especially enjoying Persona 3 Reload right now, I also love Honkai Star Rail. Turn based RPG my beloved.
Favourite food? I've been really in a seaweed kind of mood... blub blub.. not my favourite ever but it's the one I'm choosing to share :3
Favourite time of day? Night! I love when it's late night or early morning and the weary world seems to fall asleep
Favourite season? Autumn. Not too warm, not to cold.
Favourite flower? I was sooo tempted to write a type of coral rather than a flower because I think they're so stunning but instead I will answer the question I wrote haha.. my fave flower I think currently is chocolate cosmos! while similar to other flowers of the cosmos family, they get their name from the chocolate smell they give off... I think they're sweet (pun intended?)
Favourite animal? The Leaf Sheep or Leaf Slug (scientifically known as Costasiella Kuroshimae), a silly sea slug creacher who can photosynthesize. Look at them... who wouldn't love them!!

Dogs or cats? Cats
Day or night? Night
Left or right? Left
Cold or warm? Warm
Land or sea? Sea
Sun or rain? Rain
Coffee or tea? Tea
Cooking or baking? Baking
Sweet or savoury? Sweet
Phone calls or texting? Texting
Water, fire, earth or air? Water
Halloween or christmas? Halloween
Date completed: 25th Feb 2024
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