hokusai masaki
hokusai masaki
The tiktok-ification of language Tiktok, while producing some funny content as well as bringing numerous issues to attention, has a massive problem with censoring. I'm not talking in the "let [xyz] do what they want" I'm talking about the tiktok-ification of vocabulary.

"but June... what do you mean by that?"

On tiktok, it's pretty common to see censoring with numbers or mispelling the word, for example instead of spelling "tiktok" correctly it is spelled in like "t1kt0k" or "t1ktok". Though this is often done with words that may be more common triggers like suicide mention. I also would define this tiktok-ification as the use of euphamisms for things that should really... not have euphamism, for example using "unalive" instead of the word "suicide". However, this becomes a bigger problem with this moving out of tiktok and to other platforms and into mainstream vocabulary.

"But why is this an issue?"

Firstly, the censoring of the word itself means that on sites such as tumblr, where there is an established blacklisting system, those who have certain terms filtered so they do not see - for example the word "tiktok" - may still have posts bypassing that filter due to the word being intentionally mispelled. While this is an issue many have touched upon it is only part of the problem.

Another issue is that switching letters out with numbers in particular, especially with no translation of the original word, may make it hard for those with screenreaders and some people with disabilities to understand what is being said as it is obscured, as some (but not all) screenreaders may be unable to pick up what the censored word is.

However, what I believe to be a key issue that isn't touched upon outside of a few articles is that censoring in this way - for example you may frequently see people use "unalive" instead of "suicide" - does more harm than good, and instead only stigmatizes the word. An article on Wired discusses this in more detail, but I think highlighting this issue here is important. In using euphemisms for these words, we are making it into a secret thing, when discussions in and around suicide and other heavier topics should be focussed on bringing awareness and helping people discuss their experiences. With a large focus on destigmatizing mental health rather then making it a taboo subject through the censorship of the proper vocabulary.

The censoring of these terms, especially mental health terms, is akin to the censoring of talking about mensturation. Many people mensturate, why should it be censored? Why should it be an embarassing topic? This idea of mensturation being treated as a special inside group is reflected in the language used to say literally anything else except the word mensturate. hell, here's even a list of 15 other words some may use instead of period or menstration. These words, these basic facts of life, shouldn't be treated as unspeakable Many people mensturate, there are many people who die to suicide. These are facts of life, and in censoring the discussion around these, we are making them harder to talk about.

So... What can we do about it?

Educate! Tell people why it is bad, tell people to be more conscious of their word choice in talking about these topics. Using the correct language is always, always the first step towards destigmatizing a topic.
28th may '23 it's been sooo long since i've written a journal entry but here we go! i've finished all my uni work so i have so much free time now which is both a blessing and a curse. my results for uni assessments should arrive sometime in june! i hope ive done all i need to to pass or something, ill be fine but i tend to get pretty in my head about everything. i think as stressful as university is i prefer having more structure to my days than i do currently...! planning is not and will never be my strong suit haha. my bedroom is coming along super nicely, i still need to add some pictures in the walls (its been a year-ish since ive had one to myself) but i finally have a better storing methods for clothes (clothes rack my BELOVED) which is helping so much. i feel like if i dont physically what i have and what i own than my swimmy goldfish like brain will forget. i've been (trying) to meet up with people more than usual!!!! which is a big step in progress since im always bad with that and tend to get kinda ?!?! flighty i guess with social interacion, im also getting a lot better with talking to adults that i dont know very well (specifically ordering food in resturants? its so stressful to me but i managed to do it without messing up!). i keep forgetting that its all warm weather now, im super used to it being cold and having so many blankets on my bed but now it's getting way too warm for that so i suppose ill need to put them somewhere...! a lot of things have happened or feels like theyve happened between here and the last update that i feel like im unable to state (privacy is super important, despite how personal my personal site aims to be) but i hope things get better...! these updates are probably just going to be whenever i feel like it, like.. i havent updated since the end of march which isn't too bad considering my history of physical journals and then forgetting about them but still kinda terrible.

31st march '23 Another week another entry...! I'm pretty proud of my improvements in the site, I've remade quite a few pages I've been unhappy with which makes things a lot better. I'm also working on a shrine page so I can finally have something to show there. This week has been rather.? Chill. If we ignore recent incidents regarding Tumblr Anons haha. I've started replaying Your Turn To Die again today and finally had motivation to continue Lego Monkie Kid since I got to around season 3 before taking a break. I adore Red Son with my whole heart, he is so very neat, especially his friendship(?) with Mei. I'm also super excited for the new TCW and BAE paradox live songs and the upcoming drama track!!!! From what I've read from the translation of the preview it's going to probably make me feel a lot, for TCW are one of my dearest groups. I feel like I've been slightly more chill recently (which is good) and less anxious then usual. I don't have any big assessments I need to get started on ASAP so that's probably part of it haha. I also feel so very comfy especially in regards to talking to my friends. I feel so confident(? lack of better word) in that I'm cared for and that I'm secure and won't just be tossed away in my current friendships which probably helps with the calm chill feeling. I love my friends so much

23rd march '23 I guess i should write something to actually motivate me to use this space (haha?)... I feel so out of it of sorts? processing things is sure weird but coding things helps (me ignore my problems but also.. helps). i doubt theres are ever going to be long because i just wanted a place to look cute and dump thoughts without feeling like im bothering people and physical journals are supperrr hard to keep up with...

uh oh.. you got to the bottom of it ! there are no more entries, go home.