Welcome to my little resource section of layercake...! a silly little place that kind of functions as my online bookmark folder but also holds a bunch of cool links !
coding related
responsinator - see what your site looks like on other devices
html cheatsheet - some basic html codes for when you forget how to do something
w3schools - coding bible
text stroke generator - generates text outlines using text-shadow
google fonts - google fonts... you can use them in webpages
font awesome - font cons for your website
font awesome cheatsheet - improved fontawesome icon sheet
css layout grid generator - plot out a layout theme
sadgrl layout builder - basic layout theme
css generators - numerous css generators
border radius generator - fancy border radius you can control yourself
text gradient - adds a gradient to your text (works in tumblr posts if you remove the semi-colon)
wesource - an archive of the former
90s cursor effects - old web cursor effects
flexbox guide - a visually pleasing quick guide to flexboxes
html validator - assistance with optimising your html code
uiverse - open source ui elements for any project
codemyui - web design and ui inspiration with code snippets
w3schools css examples - demonstrated what certain codes do
clip path editor - css clip path maker
web dev hover effects
css glass - css glassmorphism generator
graphics related
ezgif - a handy online gif editing website
magnolia's decome collextion - graphics collection - blinkie maker
github 88 x 31 button maker - web button maker
sadgrl button maker - another web button maker
masqueradeball rentry - pixel stash
gifcities - geocities gif search engine
graphics-cafe - a graphics tumblr blog
mp4's pixel bank - another neocities graphics storage
photopea - free online alternative to photoshop
lunapic - easy to use online image editing site
feather icons - open source icons to download and use on your site
autism crd - graphics carrd
pride toyhouse - mini free to use pride flags
wilardo crd - graphics carrd
waifu2x - upscale images
miscellaneous - a site that places your lists in alphabetical order
stars chrome experiments - a map of every star ever
transparent textures - what it says on the tin
scm player - music players for your site
geocities archive - an archive of geocities websites
text replacer - saves so much time on mass replacing text thank you website
grime rentry - masterlist of resources
piano lessons - aimed at beginners
colour theory - digital art focus
cooking with flavour bootcamp - SUPER helpful
learn to read sheet music - to pair with those above piano lessons
learn to sew - always hand to be able to patch up things
learn to draw - beginner friendly
pixel art - beginner friendly
flashpoint - preserving old flash games
pdf editor - edit pdfs online
project guenberg - all copyright free works in one place
terms of service, didn't read - summary of a site's terms of service and a privacy rating
freedns - free custom domains [guide to using the free domain on tumblr is here
kickresume - resume examples because writing them is a pain
MyBib - citations made EASY, make sure you pick the right citation style that your professor(s) want you to use...