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My Fav Blorbos
this scrolls and is only a short list...
jump into my world !
savoury food : pasta
sweet food : meringue
flavour : strawberry
drink : tea
scent : candles when theyre blown out
color : light blue
pattern : polka dots
flower : baby's breath
plant : spider plant
animal : deer
season : autumn
time of day : nights
place to be : curled up by a warm fireplace when it's cold
anime or manga : idolish7
manhwa : tower of god
game : sky:cotl
card game : uno
board game : chess
song : secret night - trigger
About Me
June or Trio
19. he/they. enby. aroace.
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about the webmaster ...
hi hi im june or trio and i go by he/they! im a silly little thing who loves to code! ive been coding for a few years but layercake is my first website. i would describe myself as a socially awkward little critter.. like a turtle but more awkward and worrysome. i love rambling about things i enjoy and my interests, as well as random other (non fandom) based subjects i find interesting. i love designing so you may see me change things around pretty often. im the type of dude to start so many projects and never finish them, so lets... hope layercake doesn't end up being one of those haha