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Welcome all to the humble little site, layercake, my home on the corner of the web! This is just a silly place where I can practice and experiment with coding! Feel free to take a look around... I tend to change things quite often because I get an idea and I feel like if I do not code it this moment I will simply combust... ! layercake is my personal loveletter to code, to my interests and in a way to myself, a way to celebrate my improvements in the coding department. The code is often messy and sometimes I'm staring at it like "hey.. what broke this time >:[" but its a pride and joy to work on, I hope layercake visitors enjoy my humble little abode as much as I do!
28th Mar '23 - Cleaned up some code, resources page rethemed and more resources added
23rd Mar '23 - About page completely rethemed, a journal page created and added, a to-do list added to top right of main site page and last fm widget added on the side scroll of main page
21st Mar '23 - New main theme... again
22nd Feb '23 - Rethemed again, feels more websitey!
12th Feb '23 - New main theme
10th Feb '23 - Created archive page, updated about page (theme overhaul n updated info) also fixed site button because i forgot to put the code for.. the link
06th Feb '23 - Added a resources page, remade the site button to fit new url
04th Feb '23 - Finally an update! Rethemed main page, working on everything else... changed the site button a tad. A super belated happy new yuri...
21st Dec '22 - Completed about page, moved pronoun/name page to an in about page link
18th Dec '22 - About now a WIP, fixed a few links
13th Dec '22 - Rethemed main page.... happier with it now
27th Nov '22 - Main page completed(!?!?)
25th Nov '22 - The creation of the site~!
taichi nanao as zero in the stranger
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